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Yosemite High Sierra Camps


Yosemite High Sierra Camps - National Register Evaluation

Client: National Park Services, Western Region Office
Yosemite National Park

Background and Issue

The Yosemite High Sierra Camps are unique park accommodations within the national parks system. Originally conceived by the first park service director Stephen Mather, the camps are a way to see the high sierras without the hard work of backpacking in. They open each spring after the snow clears and close each fall before the snow covers the area in several feet of snow. Previous historical reviews had already determined that the High Sierra Camps were historically significant; however a full nomination had not been prepared.


Working closely with the Yosemite National Park, History Architecture and Landscape Branch and the NPS Western Regional Office, we evaluated two of the six camps to define the contributing buildings, structures, and landscape elements. The other camps were evaluated by the Yosemite staff. They took all the information and combined it for the National Register Nomination and the Cultural Landscape Inventory.

Heidi Y. Granke was the historical architect on this project while at Architectural Resources Group.