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Tolay Lake Cardoza Ranch

Tolay Lake Cardoza Ranch - Historic Structures Report

Client: Sonoma County Regional Parks District
Petaluma, California

Background and Issue

Tolay Lake's name is a misnomer, in that it is not a lake. At least it isn't any more. It was a shallow, somewhat seasonal lake. However, the water was diverted to the nearby ranch land and the lake bed itself was planted with crops. The Cardoza Ranch includes the lake bed and the adjacent land. The ranch buildings are clustered on the southwest side of the lake bed. They include several houses, barns, and numerous outbuildings.


As part of the preparation for a park master plan, the buildings were all assessed for condition and to evaluate potential uses. The conditions varied greatly: some structures were in good condition and in use, while some structures were partially collapsed and unsafe.

Heidi Y. Granke was the project architect for this project while at Architectural Resources Group.