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Stanford Executive Men's Room

Executive Men's Room

Client: Stanford University
Palo Alto, California  

Background and Issue

Located in the historic quad at Stanford, the executive men's room is one of several historic below grade restroom buildings. Tucked into a small courtyard between two large limestone office and classroom buildings, the restroom is accessed through a small limestone structure. Natural light is provided by six circular sidewalk lights. 

The restroom was not constructed with any waterproofing. The courtyard paving is relatively flat and the grades are set by the existing arcade and adjacent buildings.  Water was leaking from the courtyard into the restroom below.


The water infiltration was arrested by epoxy injections into the soil behind the brick walls, applying a waterproofing membrane over the concrete roof and installing a new topping slab. The deteriorated cast iron sidewalk lights were replaced with ones that matched the originals. The interior was repainted and new light fixtures and accessories were installed.

 Heidi Y. Granke was the project manager for this project while at Architectural Resources Group.