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Hamline University Klas Center

Klas Center

Client: Hamline University
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Background and Issue

Hamline University had an old non-reinforced concrete stadium bleachers at their main athletic field.   Deterioration and modifications over time had made the building unsafe, unappealing and an eyesore on campus. 


The university wanted to replace the building in time for the 150 anniversary of the school.  The building program was expanded to include not only the athletic locker rooms and bleaches, but also a cafe, alumni lounge, classrooms, and a banquet hall. The site was a tight narrow site with a street at the south and the athletic fields to the north. In order to fit all of the program on the tight site, we tucked some of the program space under the bleachers. The athletic lockers were placed in the basement.  The cafe, primary restrooms, and alumni lounge are located on the first floor.  The second floor accommodates the classrooms and the press box.  The top floor houses the banquet hall and is cantilevered over the bleachers.

Heidi Y. Granke was the project architect on this project while at BWBR Architects