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Carlton College Scoville Hall

Scoville Hall

Client: Carleton College
Northfield, Minnesota

Originally the campus library, Scoville hall is a Richardsonian Romanesque stone structure. At the time of the exterior restoration, the building was being used for general classrooms.

Exterior Stone Restoration

The limestone exterior walls were heavily soiled with some biological growth. The mortar joints were deteriorated. The front steps were heavily worn and created a tripping hazard. Some of the cornice stones were loose and created at falling hazard.

The restoration included cleaning and repointing all of the original limestone walls. The loose stones at the cornice were reset with steel pins to anchor them. The limestone steps were replaced with new limestone from the original nearby quarry.


The existing slate roof was severely deteriorated from over 80 years of harsh winters and had reached its useful life. The steel skylights were rusty and leaky. The decorative sheet metal ridge, peaks, and gutters were partially missing and the remainder deteriorated.

An all new slate roof was installed to match the original. The original sheet metal details were carefully recreated. A new aluminum skylight was installed to match the shape and profile of the original steel skylight.

Heidi Y. Granke was the project architect for this project while at Miller Dunwiddie Architecture